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New to Ice Fishing? FAQs

Thinking of trying ice fishing for the first time? Have you been and want to bring a newbie? Your wife? Your kids? Your buddies? Ice fishing is a unique experience and most come back year after year after trying it once.

Going ice fishing with someone that has experience can make a huge difference. Getting into a bungalow can make big difference, as they allow you to fish in comfort. Catching a few fish through the ice can make the ice fishing experience even more fun than just the uniqueness of the event itself.


1. Is it cold?

Our bungalows are fully heated with propane furnaces.

2. Is there power?

Our bungalows are powered by a generator providing light at night.

3. Toilet?

Our eight man bungalows have toilet facilities attached. There is a separate toilet facility for the six and four man huts.

4. Are we on our own?

No, our bungalows are clustered together (although not crowded). Your host is also a frequent visitor, delivering minnows and checking to see if you need anything. We are also available 24 hours by phone or text.

5. What is included?

Our bungalows have a two burner cooktop and all the utensils and equipment you need to cook (or have coffee or toast). We have a tv/dvd in each bungalow and a bbq. There is a table and chairs in each bungalow. Tip ups are provided.

6. Can I fish inside?

We drill holes inside and out (conditions allowing).

7. What can I catch?

Lake Nipissing is popular for pickeral, perch, pike, ling and whitefish.

If you are an experienced ice angler, make a point to get a person out fishing on the ice that has never been out, or get that angler that hasn’t been out on the ice for a long time back out on the ice.


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