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Tohatsu Motors

The boat is a kindred spirit to the sea, the river and the lake.  Boats immerse you in nature and navigateyou to unforgettable experiences.  And the outboard motor helps make all of this possible. 

Outboard motors are about a whole lot more than just the specs.  A truly great motor delivers it all - performance, safety, and the ultimate ease of use.  That's why we never stop asking ourselves the essential questions about what makes a great engine.  We've been doing that since 1922, when aviation engineer Masuzo Takata founded Tohatsu.  

Tohatsu outboard motors are built with our one-of-a-kind direct injection technology, which has revolutionized environemental performance.  

Tohatsu 5 year limited warranty offers the best standard warranty in the industry.  It offers a full 5 years of peace of mind to all recreational users regardless of the amount of use on the motor.  

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