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Lake Nipissing History and Adventures

Ice fishing on Lake Nipissing has a long history. At 831 square meters, Lake Nipissing is the fifth largest in Ontario excluding the great lakes. The lake has an extremely active winter fishery and is considered one of the best ice fishing experiences in Ontario.

Lake Nipissing was discovered by French explorer Étienne Broulé in 1610. Permanent settlement around the lake dates from 1874 at Nipissing village in the southeast and from 1882 at North Bay when the CPR reached its northeastern shore. Hudson's Bay Trading Post was located on the northeast shore at what is now Sturgeon Falls. From the 1880s through to WWI Lake Nipissing was a major transportation route for settlers and lumbering, as steamships travelled the area regularly. Since then it has served mainly as a tourist and recreation destination waterway.

During the 1960s and 1970s, Lake Nipissing became an important destination for walleye anglers. Ice and open water fishing continues to be vital to the economy as both commercial and recreational fishing opportunities are abundant.

Pike, walleye and perch are targeted by fishermen year-round. In the winter over 2,000 ice bungalows dot the lake resembling small villages. From small shacks to large bungalows featuring comforts like furnaces, electricity and toilets; anglers on Lake Nipissing can fish in comfort.

At Fish Bay Marina, our bungalows can accommodate groups of all sizes. Ranging from two man to eight man bungalows, anglers can experience a unique and exciting experience sleepin on the ice. Fish warm and cozy, from the comfort of your bungalow. Cooktops and barbeques round off your experience allowing a home away from home abiance.

Open year-round, we look forward to serving our customers as they pursue their seasonal adventures.


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